Manakura Neighbourhood - Sold Out

Sections in Manakura Neighbourhood are sold out.

Currently there are no sections available for sale, however opportunities to buy house and land packages through our selected builders are still available.

Karamū, Riccarton Park a new subdivision in Christchurch.  Karamū is located next to Riccarton Racecourse, between Yaldhurst Road and Steadman Road. Manakura, was the first neighbourhood in Karamū to be built. 


Manakura is the Māori name for the intricate-looking shrub, or small tree, traditionally used in medicines and cosmetics. Manakura, in Te Reo Māori, is the shrub, or small tree, which, like Karamū, once grew in abundance here. Its botanical name Melicytus micranthus – means ‘honey cave’.

Traditionally, it was highly prized as an ingredient in medicines, to treat cuts, and to scent the cosmetic oils that were used on skin and hair.  Today, the distinctive inter-laced branches, fine leaves, tiny white flowers, and speckled berries make it popular for adding contrast and texture to gardens.